A numerical solution of time dependent compressible elastohydrodynamic lubrication of line contacts has been obtained. The results show the effects of various operating parameters on the transient response behavior of a lubricated contact. The analysis models a startup situation where the surfaces are initially at rest and in contact. Then, with the contacts operating at a given load and speed, the analysis is run until the pressure and film thickness reach a steady-state condition. A multigrid/multilevel technique is used to simultaneously solve the time dependent Reynolds and elasticity equations. The effects of various loads and speeds have been investigated. Results are presented for nondimensional loads ranging from W = 2.0 × 10−5 to W = 2.3 × 10−4 and nondimensional speeds ranging from U = 1.0 × 10−12 to U = 1.0 × 10−10.

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